WELCOME TO XR!      We are located inside Driftway General                      Hours:Mon-Sat 11:30AM-4:00PM                                     Sun: CLOSED                               XR IS HIRING FOR COUNTER HELP - MIDDAY - "Mothers' Hours"Inquire@ [email protected]

XR Brings Love to Sandwich Making

Crossroads Sandwiches is the next frontier for XR Foods as we continue our quest to make simple foods exceptional

Tasty Sandwich
Tasty Burger with Fries

What We Offer

Whether you are looking for a

  • Classic sandwich that comforts the soul
  • Creative take on your favorite to energize the soul
  • or A 10 napkin sandwich to enrich the soul

We will make it with a dedication to quality and taste.

Sandwiches, and More!


In addition to sandwiches, we offer home meal replacements for folks on the go, XR signature products, and more.

Come in and shop our merch too!

Burger Meals in Restaurant
Food Preparing in a Restaurant